Company Secretarial

Recently, the legal requirement to have a Company Secretary has been abolished. However, the related Company Secretarial tasks remain, and we can assist you to perform those tasks accurately and on time.  These Company Secretarial tasks start as soon as the company or partnership is formed and continue until it is dissolved.
Once your company has been formed you will be required to have a Registered Office. This provides the business with:
a formal address to receive all official communications from Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs and other official bodies, and
a site on which the business can maintain and store it’s statutory records
As part of our Company Secretarial Service we can act as your Registered Office.   This will ensure that all official communications are dealt with promptly and efficiently, and also that they are not delivered to your home address.
Equally as important, our Company secretarial function will ensure that your statutory obligations are managed in a timely fashion. We make full use of technology to file all your documents with the Registrar of Companies on-line.
These documents include:
Annual Return – This document details particulars of company ownership, and failure to file it by the due date is a criminal offence.
Annual Accounts – These have to be filed within a specified period of time from your year end in order to avoid late filing penalties.
Other ad hoc documents which need to be filed such as appointment and resignation of company officers , increase in share capital, etc
In short, our Company Secretarial service ensures that you remain compliant with all the statutory requirements.

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"RWB has been preparing our payroll for 60+ staff on a weekly basis for over 6 years. They supply payslips and details of payments needed to HMRC on time regardless of the deadline. We give them the details, they produce the results without fail."
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